Durango 2004

Other Durango parties:

Durango 2004 to be the 5th Durango party, but it was unfortunately cancelled. Organizers published a Comunicado on the website (see the waybackmachine link), which google translates to:

"After several weeks of uncertainty that we have not published in the hope that everything was on track, the Cultural Association of Durango has finally decided to suspend the Durango Party 5, due to organizational problems that have not been resolved within a period of reasonable time that allowed us to make the party in the best possible conditions. We want to thank all the attendees, collaborators, sponsors and public institutions that have made this event possible for 4 years, for their invaluable help and support. We also want to apologize to all those who had reserved a few days to attend this fifth edition. We greatly regret the possible problems that the late notification of such sad news may cause. Thanking once again the trust placed in us during all this time, we said goodbye with great regret, hoping to meet you all at upcoming events and with the hope that in the future this project could continue.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004"

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