Fjälldata 2019:

"kyla, kärlek och kärva datorer"

  • 1st - 3rd March 2019
  • Östersunds Kommun, Jämtland, Sweden
Other Fjälldata parties:

Organized by Genesis Project (Redcrab and Norrland).

"Small demoparty in the northen part of Sweden with main focus on c64. The compos will start at saturday 21:30 local time, and will be streamed


  • Original music - Specify 8580 or 6581
  • Cover music - Specify 8580 or 6581
  • Gfx - All formats ok, 1 still frame. Specify format, and sources if used.
  • Demos - Should be runnable on stock c64+u1541 PAL.

Remote entries accepted and encouraged! Send your executables to before 1700 UTC 2019-03-02 (1800 local time)"

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