Image for the Thomson platform

The Thomson TO and MO lines of computers were designed and manufactured in France by Thomson, between 1982 and 1986. They were mainly sold to French schools bundled with a set of not-so-great edutainment games, leading to a poor reputation for the machines. Meanwhile, the Amstrad CPC, which was cheaper, took over the home computer market. Thomson attempted to export their computers to Italia (under the Olivetti brand), Germany, and North Africa, with limited success.

The demoscene will stay away from this computer until 1988, when the Craca Cracking Company released the first prod for the Thomson TO8. There was a very small number of productions released during the 1990s, until the PULS group formed and finally managed to raise some interest on the machine.

1MHz 6809
Between 8 and 512K of RAM, depending on models
8 (TO7), 16 (1st gen) or 4096 (2nd gen) colors
320x200, 16 colors with block constraints (8x1 blocks) on all models
Extra modes on the second generation machines:
160x200, 16 colors
320x200, 4 colors
640x200, 2 colors

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