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twh - 07:07 23 April 2014 #

Demo imho shows off why Lucasfilm Atari games stood out of the crowed... They used and combined all Atari features cleverly so did I.

There are NO new school tricks involved... All out of the box features:

- mode10 - 9 color mode for desire logo
- mode9 for the raycaster and using PM overlays
- unlimited bobs... 96x58 full screen in again mode10
- 160x240 gr. 15 screen with some PM overlays (no DLIs)
- loading scroller using VBL $E45F
- planet screen mixing gr.15 panels with sprite underplays with mode9 and multicolor PMs overlays left/right. Shaking done with altering display list. 160x240 resolution. Planet appearing with altering display list, same scrolling and distorting of the planet surface
- battleship 4 color in charmode. Simple color cycling for engine. Shaking with Hscrol and Vscrol. 2 multicolor Player comets
- 3d warp tunnel mixing again same modes like the surface part. No shaking here because no CPU time left to run it in 50 fps
- gr. 7 realtime fire with PM overlay
- flickering 160x240 gr. 15 corridor with random color changes

Alien who did the gfx wanted to use 3 colors only for all artwork. ;)

I am just telling that to show how clever you can do nice looking games etc by only using build in features when having good artists. And of course the msx done by BeWu which was written exclusively for the demo.