A final version of the demo was released may 19th to scene.org. These screenshots are from the final version, prepared by E-Moon for our use.


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emoon - 19:06 27 April 2014 #

So. Just to give some additional info to this demo.

While this demo uses the same base system as many of the other TBL demos the rendering parts has been completely rewritten be me. Lots of work has been put into making it running at a good frame-rate on real (060 equipped) Amiga.. Many parts of the demo runs at 25 fps or close to it. I would estimate I have put around 1000 hours of coding time on the demo including writing tools, research & testing and the (private) github repro has about 1600 commits from me.

Of course this demo wouldn't have been possible without the support of the other people working on the demo but I put a huge amount of effort into it.

As always there are things that could have been better, parts that had do be dropped very late, etc, etc. We hope to release a Final version within the coming weeks that should hopefully adress some of the most rough edges on the demo (esp the sorting stuff)