• Demo

Astral Blur

by The Black Lotus


Know something about this production that we don't?

The demo was originally released for MS-DOS, and then the ports came later. The original requirements were a 486 with FPU, supporting VBE 2.0 for graphics output.

Wox is mentioned in the demo itself and the file_id.diz, but not in the accompanying text file.

The three fullscreen pictures included are All Over by Louie (22nd in The Party 1996 graphics competition), Angelic Particles by Louie and Rodney (winner of the Gathering 1997 graphics competition) and Bodtwijf by Lowlife (26th in The Party 1996 graphics competition).

Voted #1 most popular Dutch demo in Fleur 3 (may 1999).



Azazel Mar 1997

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