Sixties Revival

by Resource

Quote from the Resource homepage; "Our latest trackmo, done for Fuck-Ya #2 in about 5 days or so. The idea to do a "psychedelic" demo, came from the fact that AMN's Resource logo (as well as some of the effects) had a psychedelic feel. Oswald had the basic idea for the intro, as well as for the effects, while Edhellon had the idea for the 'sixties feeling', and the rest of the design... They began coding about one week before the party, and on the party (as usual) the whole thing was linked together for the competition... Since there were no other entries, we managed to grasp the first place, hehehe... Unfortunately after the first version was released it turned out that the music got corrupted after the first part, and the loader init also failed sometimes... Due to this, about a week later a bugfixed version was released."

Dasheele/Smash Designs and Poison/Singular appeared as guest artists.

The accompanying note was coded by Clarence, with charset and music by Con.


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