Features the picture Meanmachine by Nero.


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lco - 15:04 10 August 2014 #

Mind-blowing Bigscreen C16 Production, i was totally flashed, great graphic Artists and Coder, just like to say thank you for entertaining me. <3

tomaes - 19:12 10 August 2014 #

This is a PLUS/4 demo and would likely not run on a C16, which only has 16KByte RAM. :)

lco - 20:46 10 August 2014 #

The was a cheap and easy way to expand the c16 with a 64kb Memory-Expansion ... they where sold separately (a must-buy). The biggest difference between c16 and the Plus4 was the ROM-Implemented Software and the Form-factor.

tomaes - 07:57 11 August 2014 #

I know. My point was that it won't run on a stock C16 and that people should be aware of that.