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Eurochart 17

by Static Bytes

Know something about this production that we don't?

Airwalk/Kefrens, Ed-209/Exotic Men, Fashion Design/Pleasure, Mega Madness/Warpigs, Mount/Parasite, Mr. Pixel/Fi-Re Crew, Sputnik/Defiance, Tin/Brainstorm, TMB Designs/The Silents and Viper/Talent all appeared as guest artists.

In the news section, Nico/Accession's handle is misspellt Niko. The news that Mr.Root/Acme joined Sanity was later denied in the news section of Pure Metal Coders' R.A.W 4. News that Disney/Alcatraz left the scene were false; he did infact carry on for a while more.

Gallery pictures in color for the first time.



Cutcreator Nov 1992

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