• Diskmag

Cracker Journal 18

by Alpha Flight


Know something about this production that we don't?

Pirate/A.O.F.C.F, Awcy/Clones, Deejay/Darklight, EIO/Samplers, Scoopex, Arcane, Doctor Soft, Bit Breaker/Travellers, Mike/The Firestarters, Australian Crackers United, Geier/Kawajoe, Geier/A.O.F.C.F, Jason/Energy, E & L, Vision One, Smasher, Goodman Death/Mexx and Zombie Boys appeared as guest artists. In addition, Diskrunner/Channel 42 was credited on an article, but not in the main index on page 2.

Features interviews with Ermida/Bamiga Sector 1, Jake/Rebels, Liteace/Dexion, Mark/Supplex, Wookie and the group Supreme, and party reports from E & L and Belgian Brains Copy Party 1989, plus a road trip that encompassed The Jungle Command Party 1990 (4) and Radwar 1990 (4).


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