Cracker Journal 28

Features interviews with Ego/Black Monks, Janitor/Rebels, Chris/Booze Brothers/Decade, Tedric/Paradise and reports from CeBIT 1992 (march 1992), Genesis Project Copy Party 1992 (april 1992) and Easter Conference 1992 (april 1992). There is also a huge section of small, standardised interviews done at the Eastern Conference - featuring Equi/Avise, Speed/Bitstoppers, Bootbuster/Contrast, Secret/Crystal, Lincoln/Hardline, Eazy-E/Legend, Wonder/LSD, Lone Slonono/Manor Association, Krush & DCG & Insane/Origin, 16-Beat/Razor 1911, Spads/Rylax, Multi/The Silents, Centrox/Tech-Design, Banana and Bifat/TEK, Sebasagr/The Guild, Rebel MC/TSB, Ice-T and Polaris/Tremors.

No longer bound to a group. In the credits, they misspellt TBC (actually TCB), Nemisis (actually Nemesis) and Tazor (actually Razor).

Reviewed in R.A.W 3 (june 1992).



Lonestar Sep 1991

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