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Strip Poker 2 Cracktro

by ST Computer Service and The Blade Runners and The Gigabyte Crew


Know something about this production that we don't?

YOOOOOOO Here we go again with another crack from EUROPE'S NUMBER ONE called: STRIPPOKER (new!) The digipictures are quit good! It was cracked on 07-09-88 by: S.T.C.S. I think you'll like it. Here is a small list of other releases from this week by THE BLADE RUNNERS: - NEBULUS - NETHERWORLD - ELIMINATOR - SUPER HANG ON - TWILIGHT RANDSOM - GARFIELD - PALADIN - ALBEDO(cooooool) - ELEMENTAR - BLASTA BALL - EXOLON(the final game, it's a lot harder as the previeuw!) - HERO'S OF THE LANCE (also known as DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!!!!) OK, I think this are enough games for one week. There are several versions of STARGLIDER II going around, I can asure you that the only 100% good working version is the one carcked by our best friends: --- TEX --- This is the only one with the cool digisound! Exelent crack dudes!!! Well, this was all for now. Greetings to: The Union (TEX, Howdy), BOSS, AHA, Replicants (why didn't you tell that you recieved SINBAD from S.T.C.S.!!! I think this is very LAME!!! Is this the source you get your originals from? This was the worse thing you've ever done in my opinion!!!), and ofcourse to you!!! For contact call 045-721103 in HOLLAND. TAKE CARE AND ENJOY!


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