Japemo Main Menu Preview

by Exocet and Hylst

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hylst - 22:04 25 September 2021 #

Japemo Main Menu on ATARI ST 1999 GFA revisited in 2011

Description :
Main menu of the JAPEMO GFA MEGADEMO For Atari ST.
'beat them all' like.
Each level = a demo screen if you take the key (RETURN) and return to the elevator, you'll access the demo.
(Still finishing demo screens, so no run of them for this version).
Arrows to move, shoot or hit. Space to open elevator door.
Scrolltext rout by Thyrex

Requirements :
STf|e / Falcon and maybe more. St low.

Gfx : Exocet
Code & additional gfx : Hylst
Music : Chaos / Scavengers