My god, it's full of sinus!

by awsm


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awsm - 09:32 23 January 2015 #

This is my first JavaScript demo (with 10+ parts). It is basically a big thank you to all the amazing art done on the C64 by the demo scene. You're the real MVP ;)... I hope you like it.

tomaes - 22:31 23 January 2015 #

awsm: I know people misunderstand the tagging system a lot here, but please don't re-add redundant tags ("javascript") that are already a part of the production's entry. Tags should provide semantic meta information about tropes and common technical details ("midas", "GUS-only") that are not apparent from the data that is already there. :)

awsm - 12:32 24 January 2015 #

I see, thanks for the heads up Tomaes. Now I know.