• Slideshow

Manga Overdose

by Resource


Know something about this production that we don't?

Quote from the Resource homepage: "Manga Overdose is our tribute to the wonderful art of manga style graphics. In this one side long slideshow you can see six really nice manga pictures. The pictures are scrolling continuously over the screen. They are loaded and depacked line by line, while scrolling through the screen. There's also a 2 by 2 scroller at the bottom of the screen. The lenght of the scrolltext is exactly the same as the runtime of the show."

Jeff/Camelot and Pri/Oxyron appeared as guest artists.


  • Dale - Code
  • Jeff - Music (intro)
  • Lion - Graphics (graphics conversion)
  • Pete - Graphics (intro logo)
  • PRI - Music (slideshow)
  • Splash - Graphics (intro sprites)

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