SE_D0597 - Mistigris World Tour

by Mistigris and Sonic Equinox


  • Crystal Meth - Music (Saturn)
  • Cthulu - Music (Castanets of Crystal Ice)
  • Esquire - Music (More Than You Can Handle, Nitrous Oxide)
  • Eto - Code (Application generator)
  • Freaq - Music ((I'm A) Freaq)
  • Fritz - Music (Screwed Silly)
  • Handiboy - Music (mission impossible: even under water because everyone is carrying heavy anvils, m0nkdance!)
  • Jake Blues - Music (Cloud Head)
  • Melodia - Music (A Piano Interlude)
  • Neophyte - Graphics (FILE_ID.DIZ, infofile header ANSI), Music (Alien Invasion!, Static Annihilation)
  • Onyx - Graphics (Super Bubble Mania promo), Music (Return to the Rubber Room, Invader, Crimson Brigade)
  • Techno Retrace - Code (Daemon's Gate loader), Graphics

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