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M-9805-C.ZIP - Music edition - Music (Hey Man Nice Shot remix)
MS-Dos - Musicdisk
Mistigris May 1998
MS-Dos - Musicdisk
Mistigris Mar 1998
RAD_DSK1.ZIP - Mistigris World Tour - Music (Road to Nowhere)
MS-Dos - Artpack
Fire and Mistigris May 1997
SE_D0597 - Mistigris World Tour - Music (Screwed Silly)
MS-Dos - Musicdisk
Mistigris and Sonic Equinox May 1997
604 Music Disk - Music
MS-Dos - Musicdisk
Digitallusions and Digitronic and EuphoniX and Mistigris and New Media Productions and Radiance and Sonic Equinox and The Immortal Syndicate May 1996

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