Toxic Mag Issue #09 Intro


Intro coded and dezigned by ZOOM of ACCS....Some notes about ACCS:some bastards claimed to be in ACCS,but were never allowed to of them is used to calling himself -zoby one-...We were very surprised to see some lame stuffs from him with fake credits at the PLACE TO BE.Fuck you lamers...Burn in hell! ACCS consists of:Zoom,moise,io,kss,diego,zuhl. anyway,this intro should have been a pack menu for Hemoroids but due to ste species,they never released it!! As it was coded two years ago,we thought it was time we released it! Fast greets to:HMD,NLC,EKO,HOLOCAUST and the rest!


  • Dune - Music
  • Zoom - Code, Other (Design)

Packed in:

No Limit Coding Jun 1995


Dune 1993

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