• Demo

Ubisoft 30th Anniversary

by Cybernetics


Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 09:51 18 September 2016 #

Hmm, no offence meant but what is this prod exactly ? An ad for Ubisoft ? As a demo indeed it doesn't show much : lengthy loading time, then a small starfield, a zooming logo and font and that's it. Sorry but as a Cybernetics demos lover I expected something else...

MetalAges - 22:03 17 November 2016 #

Hi Seb. It is not an ad as I have done this on my spare time, just for fun (and because I like the ST ;))
Having all this fitting in 1 mb of memory (sample, musik, logo, starfield) was not so simple and has needed some efforts ;)
But as you said it is just one screen.