Crash Time Plumber

by Cerebral Vortex


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ltk_tscc - 20:42 17 November 2016 #

First of all: Thanks for not doing another puzzle-game :) I really love this!

hylst - 08:00 18 November 2016 #

A lot of work ! Cool game :)

applecrypt - 13:02 19 November 2016 #

Playing this right now, it's awesome. Really like the feel and control plus the smooth gfx are the icing on the cake.
Awesome release!!! Steve - AtariCrypt

joska - 12:32 20 November 2016 #

Fantastic game! It also works perfectly on my Afterburner, which is rather unusual as this accelerator has traditionally seen little love from the scene commmunity. Just one thing - the program header flags is set to use alt-RAM if available. That did not work on the Afterburner.

thadoss - 22:42 24 November 2016 #

Bravo Templeton, a very addictive game. I love it !

Joefish - 18:20 24 August 2017 #

Nice graphics. I was just counting the colours and it's fascinating to see someone else has independently come up with the "Spare-Colour-Playfield" technique I've played with for scrolling effects! Here's the same trick doing Shadow of the Beast: