• Demo

Back To Old School

by Mystic Bytes



Wieczor / Hemoroids ^ Lamers Nov 2016

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s_t_s - 19:11 15 November 2016 #

Not a bad demo, pretty oldschoolish with ugly coders colors and ears killing music. Pretty enjoyable but won't surely run it twice.

BBM_DMG - 11:10 16 November 2016 #

Reflections are upside down...or rather they should be but aren't ;-)

wiecz0r - 12:58 16 November 2016 #

Thank you guys for comments :)

@s_t_s: It was meant to be oldschool - as name says - and even music has been "oldschooled" as much as possible - I know it can hurt :) Anyway people on the party liked it enough to give it 1st place :P

@BBM_DMG- yes, we hoped no one will notice... Up to now :) It's specific hardware limitatio

Some technicall information about Back To Old School Demo:

- all effects are computed in RT - no precalculations
- rotations and perspective are calculated without multiplications/divisions
- lightsource effect is computed fully with surface normal vector calculations
- thanks to STe hardware, mirror on bottom border takes 0% processor time (unfortunatelly there are drawback so mirror isn't upside down :( )
- probably first atempt on ST computers to Sutherland-Hodgman generalized clipping algorithm (clipping after polygon, very computional expensive)
- very fast and flexible blitter filling routine with new masks/offsets blitter computation idea - no more addx, whole process for one pair (offset/mask) takes only 16 cycles m68k

Cyprian - 16:40 16 November 2016 #

@BBM_DMG in addition to what Wieczor said, valid reflection was tested but unfortunately it took more CPU time than was planed.

BBM_DMG - 08:40 17 November 2016 #

@Cyprian - a graphician pointed out not a coder. Lol