505 and Front 6 Nov 2016

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ltk_tscc - 17:49 15 November 2016 #

Really really nice job guys! That's the spirit!

s_t_s - 19:05 15 November 2016 #

Sorry but no. I like the tune a lot, logos seem pretty cool but the video is kinda blurry. Some effects are bugged and look so messy that you don't even know what you are looking at :( There is even a logo at 2:16 reading "DECOE" instead of "DECODE" ? No offence guys, simply not my stuff.

Cyprian - 09:03 16 November 2016 #

really cool demo
IMO deserves better note

thadoss - 23:05 16 November 2016 #

I like this demo.
The greetings part look nice !
Good job guys.

MaciekM - 17:00 19 November 2016 #

Agree. Totally rules. Pity beamer problems rutined a bit its presentation during the party... if not this, I am pretty sure it would have beaten us in compo. Anyway I really like it's psychodelic trance athmospere. Wating for binary (and more MSB demos!)

s_t_s - 07:04 30 November 2016 #

Final version is much better than the previous ! Like it more even tho some effects are far from perfect and tend to stay on screen a bit too long imo. Cannot compare to Sono but it's a nice pretender !

CiH - 00:18 5 December 2016 #

If this final had been shown at the party, and the beamer troubles had been overcome, it would have been a very close race to the second place. Nothing was going to beat Dune's demo :-)