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by Desire


Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 12:13 16 April 2017 #

Awesome ! Every new demo by Desire on Lynx gets better than the previous ! You rock guys !

evil - 13:24 16 April 2017 #

Excellent Lynx demo once again, congratulations!

ltk_tscc - 15:41 16 April 2017 #

Just dope :)

BBM_DMG - 21:21 20 April 2017 #

Having trouble running this on my Lynx 1 with SD multicart. Is it using a custom file loader or something?

I get blank screen after Desire Presents screen and same with previous Desire Lynx demos (Jitter for example)

BBM_DMG - 22:03 27 April 2017 #

From Heaven, the coder


it is a Lynx 1 issue... you don't discover with Lynx 2 (which we had at the party).

"This Lynx I error is something I have seen before while testing Championship Rally. The reason was that Lynx I is very picky about when you can change the palette."

so not running is not the right term but more "screen is black".

as I don't have a Lynx 1 but a Lynx 2 only I can not reproduce the glitch to fix my code.