• Demo

Demus Interruptus

by Crest

In an article called The Dark Court written by The Dark Judge/Focus on c64.sk on october 16th 2001, the production is reviewed: "(61/100). Nobody can deny the absolute coding-power held by Crossbow, who's been on top for about 12 years now. And here he is again, in true ‚old school‘ fashion, setting some records on vertical rasterbars. Problem is, that's all we get, apart from one nice looking picture (which holds nothing to the original pc piece), with especially the first part being boring as hell. Even the coder himself apologizes for using it, which only makes me wonder why he didn't leave it out? Keeping in mind that he just wanted to present the world with a little something until their c128 demo finally was released, I'll forgive him, but this demo best be forgotten."



The Syndrom Aug 2001
Dane and Mitch / Crest Aug 2001
Dane and Mitch / Crest Aug 2001
Dane and Mitch / Crest Aug 2001

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