by Encore


  • AceMan - Music
  • MDW - Code (engine+demo code), Graphics (2D, 3D, anim), Other (design)

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MDW - 23:50 4 June 2017 #

This is demo for MorphOS/PowerPC. Unfortunately demozoo doesn't have MorphOS platform. I used Amiga PPC+RTG because is very similar to MorphOS (Amiga-like system).

s_t_s - 08:02 5 June 2017 #

Very nice fresh demo but considering the high resolution and smoothness of all scenes, it makes me think that this demo is running on a peecee not an Amiga. I'm not familiar first with modern Amiga settings nor with Morphos/PowerPC so that I have no clue about the configuration used. Yet it guess it is far from high end AGAs. If someone could enlighten my views I would be grateful :)

MDW - 14:12 5 June 2017 #

I will change platform when Demozoo adds "MorphOS/PowerPC".

I use MorphOS on PowerPC G4 1,67 GHz with 1GB RAM and Radeon 128MB. In 1440x960 true color demo works in more or less 60 FPS. However we shouldn't compare the platform with current PC/Mac. TinyGL and gfx drivers in MorphOS 3.9 don't support pixel/vertex shaders. So this could be compared with a PC in 2000 year.

s_t_s - 15:46 5 June 2017 #

Thanks for additional info ! Still make me think of a peecee demo more than "real" Amiga but I like that prod :)

MDW - 15:59 6 June 2017 #

Hardware is old Mac (with PowerPC processor). Operatong system is full compatibile with AmigaOS 3.1 (plus new features) and native written for PowerPC. So this is not PC/Intel/DOS/Win. :) It it just one of Amiga successors (unofficial MorphOS and AROS and official AmigaOS 4). :)

ltk_tscc - 19:02 6 June 2017 #

Very well executed! Great transitions with the usual ENCORE-quality. Keep them coming :)

MDW - 20:24 6 June 2017 #

Thank you ltk_tscc! I made as good as I can. It couldn't look very good because I made gfx 2D/3D without Caro or other graphician. I am happy AceMan made the music.

zeg - 20:36 6 June 2017 #

Hello MDW: The demo runs also with 2560 x 1440. (G5 2ghz, R420GL 256MB) Thank you very much for this little show.

MDW - 21:32 6 June 2017 #

zeg: Wooowww... Huge resolution. :) In final version I will create GUI for settings. Now you can change something in folder PROGDIR:settings.
Thank you for the info.