• Demo

Bad Arnold

by TGS

Know something about this production that we don't?


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RufUsul - 11:17 20 August 2017 #

Shining, well known for his great games Defence and Pentomino, just released a Amstrad CPC version of the “Bad Apple” animation of the Touhou Project during the Evoke 2017 in Cologne / Germany. The hardware requirements are high, you need 1 MB RAM (e.g. X-Mem and Y-Mem) and a MX4 board.

dipswitch - 00:58 21 August 2017 #

why wasn't it entered into the alternative platforms compo?

Octoate - 07:54 21 August 2017 #

Unfortunately he didn't want to enter (we tried to convince him). Hopefully next year :-).

Octoate - 07:59 21 August 2017 #

Btw, it also needs a PlayCity card for the CPC, because it uses 6 channel sound.