BotB Invitro

by Battle Of The Bits


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DevEd - 16:31 28 September 2017 #

The archive is broken, all it contains is the .GBS and not the actual demo. Anyone who is able to, pls fix

ltk_tscc - 18:35 28 September 2017 #

All that is linked with the other link is the .GBS only too. So if you can provide a proper release please upload it to and we will handle it.

DevEd - 02:20 29 September 2017 #

The download link on this page was incorrect, I fixed it. I'm not seeing any place to upload to anywhere, though.

DevEd - 02:37 29 September 2017 #

I've prepared a proper release at but I'm having trouble uploading it to via FTP. Whenever I try uploading it I get 550 Operation Not Permitted. What do I do?

menace - 14:10 29 September 2017 #

DevEd: I can replace the file, but apparently there is no file at the url supplied above. I tried twoi different browsers to download.

DevEd - 17:28 29 September 2017 #

Oops, turns out I typed the link wrong. should work.