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Supa Zazai Da

by Cerebral Vortex


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s_t_s - 21:20 29 March 2018 #

This looks insanely good and wild ! Too bad I cannot play under Steem using keys :(

Xerus - 04:50 31 March 2018 #

To play with a game that does not use the joystick natively, you have to do with Steem:

-Click on the icon "Joysticks" (on the top right);
-Selection "Standard Ports" tab;
-On Port 1 configures the "Active" field: Always;
-In directional fields, click on the arrow keys on your the keyboard (more convenient): Up = UP, Left = Left, Right = Right, Down = Down;
-In the field Fire Button selects an easy access key, eg: R-Ctrl (Right Control)
-Configure the Autofire field: Off

And...VoilĂ  :)

Sorry, only the Falcon version can use natively the keyboard but the games doesn't work correctly on Hatari for the moment.