• Demo

HRM (HighResMode) 2 – Wonderful World

by Paradox


  • Zweckform - Graphics (Paradox logo + blinking stars)
  • dml - Code (graphic converter)
  • gwEm - Music
  • raZen - Code, Graphics (HRM2 logo)

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s_t_s - 17:51 10 December 2017 #

Hope we have a chance to enjoy this demo soon as the video beamer quite didn't like the hires last night and hence stopped the demo after quite a promising start. I'm also very happy to see that Paradox is far from dead !

Bossman - 16:02 11 December 2017 #

I saw excerpts of this on AdamK's monitor on Sunday morning before the prizegiving (ironically, also made by Benq) and it was beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole thing

AdamK - 19:28 11 December 2017 #

Benq BL702A if anyone asks ;)

dma - 20:44 11 December 2017 #

Great hi-rez picture displayer! Really cool music also.

slator - 11:12 13 December 2017 #

60 Hz and 250 BPM pulse.....

I felt really sorry for RaZen, we were sitting relaxed in the Pardox backseat VIP-Arena (lol) and were watching the Compo, till the fuck up, then fun was a little on the downside....

gladly I could see it on RaZens machine and it is an awesome quality of the gfx...

troed - 15:16 15 December 2017 #

So I'm sure HRM2 is wonderful, but:

Dell 2001FP - monitors _shuts down_. I've never managed to do that myself when playing around with sync tricks. Likely some protection circuit that kicks in.

NEC 1990FXp - monitor claims there's no valid input signal and goes to standby.

(I'll now trace the code to see what's really done with the sync signals, the claimed resolution should be perfectly normal to achieve with clean sync)

evil - 15:11 5 January 2018 #

The new v1.1 release works fine with my OSSC so I can finally watch it :)
The old STe is outputting some seriously impressive graphics here, great stuff guys.

Emphii - 11:06 6 January 2018 #

It's a pity that we missed this at the party. I saw v1.1, from HAtari (I don't have real STe), probably missed something, but this was nice. The WWI started nice, comfortable mood, HRM-part states you waiting for something nice, pics are.. well pics ;) , but displaytechnique is really nice. Sound was a tasty cream on top of this all.. :) Moremoremoremore..

exocet - 18:53 20 January 2018 #

What I saw at the party was extremely impressive for images displayed on a humble STE. It's a shame the projector proved to be a bit temperamental when presented with this kind of video tricks, otherwise I'm sure the demo would have ranked much higher in the competition.