• 64K Intro


by Eufrosyne

The looping is optional. Press SPACE to fast-forward.

Quote from the info file (final version):
we should have got $1600 for the 1st prize of the 64kb intro compo, but due to the very professional party organizing once again, we haven't got any money yet. now it has been almost five months since assembly 96. that's why there are those X's in the greetings list. there used to read something like "assembly organizers"


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tomaes - 08:53 2 August 2017 #

If you choose Soundblaster instead of GUS, you get a completely different and very silly Adlib tune. :D

s_t_s - 21:12 4 August 2017 #

Cool prod even tho I'm no peecee lover. Fave part is the finale with the env mapped object evolving in and out of water.