• Magazine

Becanne 4

by Centolos

  • Released February 2004

Know something about this production that we don't?

While all previous issues of Becanne were written in Spanish language, they switched to English for this issue 4 ("for the enjoyment and pleasure of the international scene community, that for now onwards will be able to understand what was written in the magazine, not only looking at the layout and pictures attached to the articles").


  • Ago - Text (Tutorial)
  • Crest - Text (Articles)
  • Humphrey - Text (Editorial)
  • Jcl - Graphics (Photos), Text (Article)
  • ps - Text (Article)
  • Sergeeo - Text (Article)
  • Sole - Text (Interview)
  • Spock - Text (Article)
  • trace - Text (Interviewee)

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