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Crinkler 2.0a

by Loonies and TBC

Know something about this production that we don't?

Release notes;

28.03.18: Version 2.0a released, fixing a number of bugs:
Fixed Crinkler crash on some "broken" lib files in recent Windows SDK versions, and in forwards from ole32.dll.
Corrected horizontal alignment issue in the HTML report.
Support forwarded RVA imports with /TINYIMPORT.
Fixed spurious import of MessageBox with /TINYIMPORT.
Print compatibility warning when using /TINYIMPORT.
Updated internal function list to Windows version 1803 (Spring Creators Update 2018).
Extended description in the manual of /TINYIMPORT.
Updated download link for the lib file for msvcrt.dll (old one had stopped working).


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menace - 11:07 30 March 2018 #

Just in time for those Revision intros! :)