• 96K Intro


by Impact


Know something about this production that we don't?


  • AST - Code, Graphics (Sonic sprites+rings (Thanks to sonic team))
  • CeD - Graphics (Sonic background)
  • MadMax - Music (Atari ST transfert), Other (Sid voices by Ast)

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ast - 22:37 19 April 2018 #

This dentro was coded in the end of december 2017. It runs on all Amstrad plus range (64 and 128k) including the Gx4000.

Music comes from AtariST but sid voice has been added to give best result.

ltk_tscc - 17:20 26 April 2018 #

The sid-voice makes it sound pretty wrong imho ;)

s_t_s - 07:39 29 April 2018 #

Agree with ltk_tssc unfortunately the addition of sidvoice is not a good choice or at leat the implementation makes the music sound awkward at times. Too bad.