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theSuper Big Interview: nickname Kloyana (Part 1: DiHalt at begining)

by Nuts_

Know something about this production that we don't?

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Nuts_ - 09:35 3 May 2018 #

Interview with an demoscene person - one of DiHalt orgas. English subtitles available for this part of interview, integrated to Youtube and as additional file

Nuts_ - 09:38 3 May 2018 #

Intro music: Seven Nation Army (EOTL Trailer) by Rig
Ending music: Kurt Cobain Tribute ( Instrumental ) by UnderNewgroud
Photo materials from DiHalt visitors
ZX Spectrum +2 (gray) by Pixelrat
Picture: Bear by KloyanA presented at DiHalt 2016
Video by Nuts_ and Flast Screenplay by Nuts_ and KloyanA
Visual effect by Black Fox
English translation by Nuts_ and Milka
Used software: HitFilm 4 Express Audacity Sqirlz Morph Aegisub
Filmed with: Samsung NX2000 LG G4 Tascam DR05