Let's Go To The Very Important Party 2018

by Flush

Invitation for Very Important Party 2018


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s_t_s - 06:18 14 May 2018 #

Lovely gfx (Exocet of course !) but the presentation lacks animations. Pretty sweet otherwise.

glafouk - 13:30 14 May 2018 #

Well done Mara for this nice 1st try ! U did it !

The youtube link might have a PAL/NTSC speed trouble, the tune is a bit on ketamine :)
Original speed (recorded from FCeux)sounds like this : https://soundcloud.com/glafouk-1/glafouk-marushka

exocet - 22:02 15 May 2018 #

Thanks! That was indeed pretty much the first experience with the NES for all of us. We had plans for many improvements but ran out of time. Pretty happy we managed to release it anyway :)

maracuja - 22:01 16 May 2018 #

Thanks you for your works too. The graphics and music are just great. I'm very lucky programmer. :)

maracuja - 22:13 16 May 2018 #

@s_t_s : thank you for your comments. I will try to improve my skills animation. :) Here, to be honest, I liked the idea of making two characters speak who could look like each one of us. :) WARNING spoiler : The idea of the road, I wanted to do because I liked this interlude in the pacmania game on Atari ST. :)

skarab - 12:52 23 April 2019 #

nice little invtro

maracuja - 20:27 28 November 2021 #

thank you, I've publish a little fix today.