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Know something about this production that we don't?


  • 505 - Music
  • BriteLite - Code (hammarsock font), Graphics (hammarsock font)
  • C-Rem - Graphics (sinedots backdrop), Graphics (chinese beauties)
  • Daniel - Other (motivational support)
  • Evil - Code (syncscroll routine)
  • Excellence In Art - Code (animation player), Code, Graphics (titlescreen flipover), Graphics, Graphics (smflix animation), Music
  • GGN - Code (consultancy & catering)
  • Havoc - Graphics (ball sprites)
  • Templeton - Graphics (sea of greytings)
  • Tomchi - Code (checkernoard)
  • Zerkman - Code (mpp code)
  • gwEm - Code (mym replayer code & replayer consultancy)
  • mOdmate - Code, Graphics
  • spkr - Code

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s_t_s - 20:44 8 July 2018 #

Wow there is a LOT to enjoy in this STf demo ! Sure all effects are recycled but there is a dozen parts with lots of stuff to see. Thank you so much for this cool "summary" ! :)

daniel - 20:50 8 July 2018 #

Wonderful demo with that great touch of SMFX humor as always! Thanks for coming all the way to Sweden and contributing to the great atmosphere at Sommarhack. The party wouldn't be the same without you guys!

evil - 20:55 8 July 2018 #

This is a true delight for people who have followed the Sommarhack demos over the years. Demo after demo is covered both by effects and music (no matter of platform or music format). I love the execution (pun intended!) and overall perfection.