• Cracktro

Atomic Robo-Kid +++

by Censor Design

Know something about this production that we don't?

1+1 disksides, 795 blocks (according to GG1). In addition comes a note written in STUBBY-Noter. This crack was rated the 3rd best version of this game in Gamers Guide 1. The intro itself does not offer any credits, but Gamers Guide 1 listed Psycho as the cracker here.

In the scroller, it says "directly after the boozy party in gothenburg", though we can not find a relevant event in Gothenburg anywhere near the release date.

Promotes the bbs'es Mystic Cavern (718-251-7150), The Testure (+46-755-10498) and Attraction (+46-755-84281).


  • Psycho - Code (crack, trainer)

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