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evil - 08:49 5 August 2018 #

Absolutely amazing!

menace - 10:28 8 August 2018 #

Simply unable to get this one to start. Windows 10, all updated, Nvidia graphics. It always completes a quarter of the round loader bar, and then just drops to desktop with no error.

menace - 19:36 8 August 2018 #

OK, finally figured it out - it doesn't run if my screenshotting application (DXtory) is also running! Hence, no screenshots, but I did get to see it. Interested to hear if others have more luck with other shot applications.

SteveJ - 20:03 9 August 2018 #

@menace The capturing tools in Nvidia's GeForce Experience works with this one :)

menace - 06:52 10 August 2018 #

@SteveJ: Thanks, I've figured out as much too in hindsight. The screenshots from the Orange one is made with that. Good thing I/we figured that out, nice to have a backup tool. Though it's pretty inflexible - I'd like the option to shot directly to jpg, for one! :)