• Demo

Befehl aus dem Dunklen

by mop / Akronyme Analogiker

Invitation for TokyoDemoFest 2018


Know something about this production that we don't?

Requires a Vampire acceleration card.

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ltk_tscc - 11:02 19 August 2018 #

Well not what I would consider "good".

slummy - 09:25 20 August 2018 #

For some reason this was listed as "Amiga PPC / RTG" both here and on Pouet. This is obviously wrong as it's a Vampire-specific demo, supposedly relying on custom features (such as the "AMMX" instruction set). In other words: not Amiga / AGA / 68k / PPC compatible. :)

s_t_s - 08:26 21 August 2018 #

Sorry to say that after watching the video I didn't think this was good at all : poor direction, edgy shapes, poor textures... I'm pretty sure there are loads of modern AGA demos out there (TLB anyone ?) that work way better than this demo with an acceleration card.