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svoy - 16:48 2 September 2018 #

Trivia (as lots of ppl at the party asked for that :)): the authors of this demo (Agenda PC group) has nothing to do with Agenda 8bit Atari group :). The Agenda (PC) was active prior 2000, and this demo was prepared for Horizon2K party (Wroclaw, Poland), but never completed until now. And yes, I'm from the Agenda 8bit Atari, but doing the gfx as a guest here :). And note, that Fidel is an old-time C64 coder, that just joined Samar C64 section. History can be twisted :). Long live 6502 anyway! :)

menace - 19:46 2 September 2018 #

svoy: Thanks for the clarification, most illuminating! I hope you don't mind that, since our screenshot viewer does not support animated gifs, I took the liberty of splitting them out and re-uploading them.

svoy - 10:55 3 September 2018 #

menace - thanks a ton! :)