• Cracktro

Safari Guns Cracktro

by The Replicants


Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 09:17 26 December 2018 #

Lovely cracktro ! Love the awesome logos by Dieu/HMD !

evil - 14:24 26 December 2018 #

Glad to have you back Jace, ahem, Kelly X!

daniel - 17:38 26 December 2018 #

Indeed an awesome cracktro! Welcome back!

ltk_tscc - 09:11 27 December 2018 #

What a great comeback to end up the year 2018!

hedning - 10:25 29 December 2018 #

Yay! Best news this year! WB!

Petari2 - 09:33 1 January 2019 #

Absolutely fascinated with your attitude folks ! So much, that I started to hallucinate.
How's that "was never properly cracked. Orion did a fantastic job and he also multi-trained the game. You now have unlimited lives, but also max points per pictures, level selection, etc.
Also please note the game is now working on Atari Falcon, too! Yes, it has been tested on the bird machine and it works like a charm!" ?
Maybe I hallucinate this page : http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/safarig.html
and this: http://atari.8bitchip.info/ASTGA/S/safarig.php
Now go, and delete this message, in same fashion how Stalin solved his problems with opposition . Deactivate my new account here, and whatever it needs to prevent me to say what is reality . Only diff. is that Stalin killed people, you ban people . Congrats on your awesome comeback. It was mistake to ask to delete that marcer post at atariage - that described so well your level. Still in 1988, or better in Orwellian 1984 .
I hope that things can be done better in this New Year 2019. Despite all bad happened. It's on you folks ...

orion - 19:13 2 January 2019 #

Hi Ppera,
You actually did an amazing job with all the advanced cracks (hdd & multi-machines support) you released!
It turns out that your version of Safari Guns has several issues:
- It is crashing after multiple plays. There are two possible causes for that: 1) in some releases of this game, there was a second protection executed randomly and it has not been removed, or 2) there is a bug in the game that makes it crash after a certain amount of time. Note that all cracked versions had the same issue.
- the intro (with the sample) is not available on Falcon.
- the sample (during level loading) does not play correctly on Falcon because you did not fix the usage of PSG shadow registers but merely enabled the STE bus compatibility mode.
So for all these reasons, this new crack has a better quality, and this is probably what AL wanted to state in their announcement.
I'm really sorry if you were offended because we did not recognize your work.
I want to make it clear: what you've done until now is just amazing and you did so much for the preservation of games on Atari machines.
You're probably one of the best hackers on today's Atari scene (with Melcus, GGN and few others).
In addition, all discussions you had on Atari Forum about ST/Falcon compatibility was very useful and it helped me a lot for this release.
So thanks again for that!
You don't know me, but I can tell you I prefer collaboration and emulation rather than confrontation.
I cannot believe your message will be deleted here (and I don't want that for sure!).
I really hope we can meet one day and clear up this misunderstanding over a beer!
Sincerely yours,

Petari2 - 09:26 9 January 2019 #

Thanks Orion. At least there is someone with who can normally talk. Yes, I insulting again, even if I made a compliment :-) - just wrote this because some AF people follows this :-)
If my Safari Gun crack is not OK, you can blame me. And can blame Atari community because they did not helped in testing, despite were asked for.
Furthermore, I must say that I can blame your team too - according to your words, you tested it. And where is feedback, error report ? But we all know the reason - and that's competition. What is actually good thing, and it is in human nature. But good only if is under fair conditions.
That big noise, then: "working on Atari Falcon, too!" - that makes impression that other's work not at all on Falcon. You know, I wrote lot about bad cracks, have even special thread about it. But I never said that something works not at all if it worked so-so.
Then, you talk about my release for hard disks as 'crack' . Yes, I know that many people does not care, and may even think that cracking copy protection is hardest part. That's very wrong. In rare cases it is hard, but mostly it goes fast with Steem Debugger. Delayed protections need lot of testing. I made it in many cases, mostly with games I liked to play. Like Wrath of Demon (special checksum for final stage), Potsworth and Co. - latest 3 levels use different loading, so if not reached it, only 3 first levels will play well.
Is anyone able to test thoroughly 1200 games self ? No, and I clearly said that it must be not flawless. I added validation column. I got lot of reports in e-mails. But far from enough. Could say some really bad things: some people, who specifically asked mo to do some game did not test it at all. Even if I asked them.
2 examples: someone asked for Falcon (F16) and it's mission disks. I did it all, tested only for very short time, thinking it will be tested well. And what happened ? I got e-mail from some Hungarian, who don't know me, even don't know that I speak Hungarian, just because he is flight sim fan. And he found problems. Some delayed copy protection. All it was about 2 years after I did it on request. So, that person just put it in his archive or whatever. And that popular game was not tested, and/or not reported to me. Very motivating.
Then, Techie Allyson asked for Tai Pan. When I did and posted to her nothing happened. After some 3 weeks I asked how it works. 'Ah, I did not try it, I'm too busy' and usual blah. Yes, just nice things about dead people - would some say. I put it here just because she was member of AF team, and that was not good for her, that's what I see. And I know what was her part in my banning there, in 2008 . MugUK played both us.

I don't see myself as hacker. I do some serious SW, from very beginning - 1984. Games are just for some fun, for some brain moving. And that with games needed some serious coding too - HAGA for instance.

Back to Safari Gun - as said it should be tested better. Falcon version is not of priority for me. TT v. even less. If there is + in their columns that means that it passed quick test. It's on users will test it better, take effort to write - with details, of course. That seems very hard for most.

So, I wish you good fun with renewed cracking, and maybe hard disk versions too.
I personally prefer less hype in presentation, not adding intros, names, big bragging - yeah, this latest is especially what don't like. And that was actual reason why I wrote here.

Cheers, PP