Juggler 1K

by Prollcoder

Info file


From the MiniGame website;

Interesting gameplay, average graphics but good physics. Quite addicting. I only wish you had some more control over the balls. / thrust26

Nice concept. Good sounds and controls. / Zach

Original game, nice music, very interesting / ice00

It needs a while before being used to it but it becomes very addicting when friction is mastered. / Euphoric

I liked the joystick version better, but it was out of competition. / Carlsson

Another fine idea I really enjoyed. The mouse version is a must. / Cybergoth

Graphics simple but nice; why does paddle leave the play area? Problem with VICE? Sounds good and the gravity is well-simulated and convincing. Concept is a little boring, though. / vdub_bobby

Very nicely done with some great use of the C64's features, particularly the music. The difficulty ramps up just a little bit too quickly for my liking though which usually makes for a rather short and frustrating game. Still, you can't help but come back for more. One of the best this year. / Matt_B


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