Bubbles - Bubble Blaster

by Prollcoder

From the MiniGame website;

Straight shooter with fast paced gameplay. Graphics are large, colorful, slightly blocky, SFX is ok, even some small tune, good controls. There are however a lot of glitches (especially the collison detection) in the game which somewhat harms the fun. / thrust26

Nice music, and gameplay is not bad. / Zach

Nice graphics, and little sound. / ice00

Stupid, hard but lovely :) / fikee

Nice vertical shoot them up with fast pace animation. A bit sad that the score is only shown at the end, and that there's no indication of progress during the game... / Euphoric

Excellent. Close to perfection for a 1K title. Superb GFX, fitting SFX and very challenging and balanced gameplay. / Cybergoth

Graphics glitches drove me crazy. Problem with VICE? Didn't see any mention of that in the manual. Kinda fun, sounds were great. It didn't seem to get any harder, though. Flat difficulty curve kills replay value. / vdub_bobby

This is a reasonable shooter with some good use of C64 features in the scrolling, sprites and music. However, it's very samey to play and the way your spaceship can vanish off the edge of the screen rather spoils the look of it for me. / Matt_B


  • Metallkoo - Music
  • Rio - Music (intro tune)
  • Trifox - Code, Graphics (design), Other (idea)

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