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Frantic Diamonds

by Six / Dark Lords of Chaos


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the MiniGame website;

Very simple shooter. The idea of color matching is nice, though IMO not very addicting presented here. Extremly simple GFX and sound. It's probably the best BASIC can do. / thrust26

Nice games, but very long to play / ice00

An addicting game with plenty of colors (maybe too many, some are difficult to discern...) / Euphoric

Nothing frantic found here. / Cybergoth

Where's the frantic? Too slow-moving. Too many similar colors; too confusing and kind of annoying. Doesn't support more than one input at a time (i.e., fire+left, left+up, etc.) - that hurts playability. / vdub_bobby

Fairly well implemented and a bit different from the usual Tetris clones. However, it's a little slow to get going and I found it fiddly to match the exact colour from the similar ones in the palette at times. / Matt_B

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