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Superlinker V1

by Der Hansie


Know something about this production that we don't?

Intro scrolltext; "superlinker v1 - (c)1987 der hansie how to use ... this program links 2 to 25 files to one program which then can be crunched. if there are gaps between two files, those gaps will be filled with $00. the files that have to be linked must have one-character names, starting with 'a'. the maximum length of one file can be $f000 bytes (241 blocks). the link-result can run from $0000 to $ffff. (make sure your cruncher can handle the file you're making.) of course the files may not overlap. the maximum number of files is 25 (files 'a' to 'y'). thanks to coko for helping me out when the program decided to do some things it never supposed to do. greetings to the other judges: coko, white, red and rheinhold. also greetings to tpe #1, scrunk, triad, tmc and jnp. press run/stop to leave this part and go on to @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@................"

Packed in:

Mayhem Feb 1992

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