• Cracktro

Super Solitaire

by Anthrox


Know something about this production that we don't?

Came with an nfo promoting the bbs'es USS Entreprise WHQ (412-233-2611, sysop Picard), T. Thunderstorm USHQ (sysop Terrorist), Arcadia UKHQ (sysop Beast), Hallowed Point (+41, sysop Slain) and P.T.R. Systems (416-PRI-VATE, sysop Shadolok).


  • Kirk - Other (original supply)
  • Ninja - Graphics (logo)
  • Pan - Code (intro), Graphics (font)

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menace - 06:21 6 July 2019 #

If anyone is good at extracting cracktros from SNES releases, let me know :)