505 Jul 2019

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daniel - 00:10 9 July 2019 #

Worth the wait! This is not just a demo, this is a masterpiece! Love you guys!

evil - 00:13 9 July 2019 #

Pulse - Execution - Motus.. What a demo trilogy. It's been a privilege seeing each of them live at their premieres. I think the latest one outclasses the previous demos in most aspects.

The music is full of lovely arpeggios and tons of sync points that doesn't seem artificial, graphics is second to none and the attention to detail is ridiculous with perfectly chosen colours. And finally spkr have worked like a machine for a year finishing this and many more prods with sublime coding quality. It puts the rest of us lazy bastards to shame.


ltk_tscc - 18:20 10 July 2019 #

It really is a very good demo.

skarab - 07:11 11 July 2019 #


s_t_s - 12:25 11 July 2019 #

PULSE still remains my favourite, surely as this is the first big demo from SMFX but undoubtedly MOTUS is huge in every aspect : code, gfx and msx not to forget the incredible attention to details ! Worth a million thumbs up !

raZen - 10:05 13 July 2019 #

I really like this demo! It's a perfect combination of newschool and oldschool with very good transitions. Kudos to you!

raZen - 10:09 13 July 2019 #

.. and of course i have to mention beautiful graphics and great soundtrack!