Legal Tools 011

by LSD


Release date is an estimate.

Features AMIGA-Performance V2.20 by Andreas Krämer, Bigbrother V2.11 by Erwin van Breemen, Cleandir, ColourKwik v1.01 (1991) by Adam Lock, DeluxeChanger V1.0 (1991) by Andreas Röpke, Encryption by Steve I. Meredith, ImageEd by Olaf Leimann, JMenu by Jim Collins, LED, MandelVroom by Kevin Clague, NTSC, PasteGads (1990) by Olaf Leimann, PbConvert by Torkel Lodberg, BootMenu v1.0 (09/1990) by J Davis, Kill880 (1991) by SDS Software, PIV Version 1.0 (13-March-1991) by J. E. Hanway, Pandora's Box V1.1 (1989) by Garth Thornton, LightFile by Markku Võhõaho and Terje Bergstr÷m and RefreshTool Environment by Unicorn.

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