• Demo

One Year Camelot 3

by Camelot


Know something about this production that we don't?

Scooby/Light, Rage/Megastyle Inc., Steel/Padua, Maduplec/Crest, JCH/Vibrants and Jeroen Tel appears as guest artists. The ten parts have music by Reyn Ouwehand (part 1, identified), JCH/Vibrants (2, 8), Laxity/Vibrants (3), Rage/Megastyle Inc (4), Maduplec/Crest (5), Duck Larock (6, 7, 9), Steel/Padua (10). The music in the accompanying note is not credited.

The demo was entered in the competition at The Party, but not officially released until it was spread by Glasnost 20.01-1992. What is strange about this is that several parts appear to have been FREEZED before being linked into the demo, for some reason... Did they not have access to the original files, or something? It does give the demo an unfinished feel. The demo is accompanied with a note (written in Zodiac/Flash Inc's FlashWriter V1.0) with updated credits and information about the demo.


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