• Cracktro

Chaos Strikes Back 100%

by Betrayal


Know something about this production that we don't?

Boot text promotes the bbs'es World Chaos WHQ (302-453-9519), Pizza Bobs (213-372-4201), Holy Hole (+39-2581-06572), Treasure Island (+44-992-447273), Twilight Zone (+49-5114-56592) and Elite Tower (+49-7138-4370), and lists an address in Milano, Italy for contact.

Original bbs file listing;

CHFIX100.LZH N  24361  12-19-90  Betrayal prsents: Chaos Strikes Back Fix


  • Einstein - Music
  • SCSI - Code (intro, crack), Graphics (font)

Packed in:

Crack Jan 1991
Digital Oct 1992

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